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Government Technological College (Shwe Bo) is a technical and vocational education institution located in Shwebo township, Shwebo District, Sagaing Region in Myanmar. The college covers an area of 79.28 acres and is located approximately 5 miles (3 furlongs) northeast of Shwebo and 1.14 miles east of the Shwebo-Myitkyina strategic road.

The college was authorized to expand and open on January 20, 2007, after the Minister of Science and Technology visited the site on November 20, 2005, and designated the original plan for the construction of the building. The construction of the main three-story school building began on January 25, 2007, by Htoo Trading Company, and was completed on October 30, 2008. The college building is a U-shaped reinforced concrete structure with 452 feet of frontage and a side of 300 feet.

The college officially opened on December 15, 2008, with 483 first-year students enrolled in the AGTI courses. The college has since expanded its course offerings to include AGTI, B.Tech and BE courses. As of the 2022-2023 academic year, the college also offers a new system B.Tech course.

To be able to contribute effectively in the social and economic development sectors with professional skills and to produce skilled and qualified trainees who recognize by local and international.
It is expected to be a school that can systematically train qualified technicians and skilled workers to meet the needs of the labour market.
1Dr.That NaingPh.D(E.P)25.7.2007 – 18.12.2008
2Dr.Thant Zaw OoPh.D (E.P)18.12.2008 – 8.4.2011
3Dr.Lay Man WintPh.D(Mech)8.4.2011 – 28.5.2018
4Dr.Linn Linn ZawPh.D(Mining)28.5.2018 – 30.3.2021
5U Zeyar HlaingM.S(Aquatechnology)1.4.2021 - Today

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