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Student Affair Division

Activities of the Student Affairs Division

Examination activities

The activities of before examination

  1. Announcing the seat number and room number of each course according to the exam time.
  2. Develop a Seating Plan, arrange seat numbers for each room, and announce exam rules for students to know.
  3. Sending notices to the township police and the district health department and the chairman of the district management committee, to provide necessary assistance on exam days.
  4. Preparation of Answer Book, Chart / Graph Paper, Drawing Paper etc. required for the exam.

Activities on exam days

  1. Half an hour before the test, the school management team inspects the seal of the test questionnaire in front of the principal and opens the question.

Activities after the exam

Coding exam papers

Exam results are coded and checked to ensure fairness and impartiality.

Decode exam papers

Decoding the results of the examination by the relevant departments

  1. The data entered by the Data Entry team into the Excel software formulated by the Data Entry team will be checked against the Hard copies by the Checking Team and the Softcopy and Hard copy will be submitted to the Student Affairs Department after one more clear check.

Making the list of winners published

  1. The management team led by the principal works to publish the results of each course in a systematic and timely manner.

Student discipline measures

  1. School rules and student code of conduct are widely disseminated to students.
  2. Record monthly attendance of students from various courses and publish a list of students with less than 75% attendance.
  3. Debarred list of students with less than 75% attendance from the beginning of the year (December) to the end of the year (October)

Scholarship activities

  1. The list of students who have applied for scholarships from various courses and did not fail the exam has been announced by the decision of the teaching management meeting.Scholarships are issued by the Accounts Department on the first day of each month.
  2. Compile and submit timely absentee lists to the Department daily.
  3. Answer books are carefully inspected, packaged and stamped by the relevant department heads according to the seat number.
Daw San Myat Aung
Head of Division(Student Affair)
Daw Mar Mar Tun
Office Superintendent
Daw May Yu Zaw
Upper Division Clerk