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Staff Affair Division

Activities of the Staff Affairs Division

  • Division of staff affair performed not only their normal task such as the staff’s promotion, resign, increment, leave, honorary medal, Pisin, punishment, the list of staff force, training etc. but also operated the instruction of principal, the overall administration of college and the whole office work of the college except the division of student affair’s tasks and the division of finance’s tasks.
  • It also listed the list of the member to attend the meeting that will hold in our school, prepared the meeting room, position the
  • Compiling a list of attendees for school meetings; inviting them to attend; Meeting room preparation, placement, reception, recording and dissemination of records.
  • It is responsible for advertising scholarships and providing access.
  • In addition to screening and accepting applications for recruitment, it also acts as an admissions office.
  • In addition to being responsible for obtaining uniforms and issuing uniforms for the Graduation Ceremony and AGTI Certification Ceremony, Seating Plans for the placement within the Graduation Hall; To ensure the smooth running of the graduation ceremony, the students and their parents are accommodated during the ceremony in collaboration with the responsible teachers.
  • Six-monthly reports for the six-month meetings chaired by the regional government; Preparation of comparative reports for the same period; Provides quarterly summary reports to the Department and occasional plans, as well as defining examination room duties and overseeing duties.
U Zeyar Hlaing
Deputy Director(Admin & Budget)
Daw Phyu Pyar Hlaing
Office Superintendent
Daw Aye Thinzar Oo
Register Controller